Wednesday, June 3, 2009

E3 2009: Final Fantasy News

Final Fantasy VII.

It's a very Final Fantasy E3.

First was the bombshell revelation that Final Fantasy XIV is in the works and will be an MMORPG for both the PlayStation 3 and PC, then some cool new action from Final Fantasy XIII, and now comes word that Final Fantasy VII, regarded by some as the best Final Fantasy RPG, is available right now for download on the PlayStation Network for both the PSP and the PlayStation 3.

Personally, I'm not "into" Final Fantasy. I've really tried to get into this series, as it seems to mean so much to so many people, but the truth is, I'm just not able to enjoy it. It's just not my thing. What about you? Are you into Final Fantasy? Which number is your ultimate favorite?

[via G4TV]


Malcolm said...

Myself, I love Final Fantasy VII, but never really got into the series when there started being more cinematics than gameplay.

Matt C said...

I'm a huge fan. 7 was great, but 2 was my favorite. The Wii just released a downloadable game of Final Fantasy IV (the japanese version of 2) with a story line that continues on past Cecil. And will keep adding new chapters and viewpoints for it. So far they have 2 out: Cecil and Rosa's kids chapter is one. Rydia has a second. Needless to say, with that and punchout my wii is getting more use.