Tuesday, May 27, 2008

USB SuperDock

I've had my share of USB card readers, which sometimes are a much better choice than hooking your camera up to your computer. It reads much faster and gives you more options to connect other cards. But this super USB card reader is for the geek that wants their cake, and eat it to. The multi-function dock from Brando can handle your SATA drives and a bunch of different types of storage cards (SD, MiniSD, CompactFlash, MicroSD, Memory Stick). It all can be yours for $79.00, which compared to others like it is a bit high, but it's not to bad. If you need to swap SATA drives often, this might be one that you might want to look at.

[Brando.com via Crunchgear]

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Malcolm said...

I saw this one and thought that it might be a must buy. But I probably won't get it since it doesn't seem like it'll travel well. Oh well, maybe when I get a windows home server hooked up, I'll use the one that takes a couple drives as an external, since I have a couple sata drives lying around.