Monday, April 28, 2008

Philips Offers LCD's On The Cheap

Recently I had a buddy of mine lose a 42 inch Toshiba LCD HDTV that he only had for 5 days because his kids thought it would be fun to toss vacuum cleaner attachments at one another. Obviously their aim wasn’t very good.

But I have to admire my friend’s restraint on not killing the kids; he’s certainly a bigger man than me. So when I saw this Cow Bell deal come across the board, he was the first person I thought about. Philips is having a excellent deal on refurbished LCD’s with all of them 1080p, 60Hz, and 3 HDMI ports. It’s not the top of the line LCD’s, but a 42 incher is only $650 and the 47’’ is $750. There is even a 50 inch plasma that’s going for $700, although I’m sure that’s got to be 720p.

Check it out my friends.

[bargainjack via Gizmodo]

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