Thursday, February 3, 2011

Infographic: BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Dell Streak 7 vs. Apple iPad vs. Motorola Xoom

After our in-depth Droid Bionic vs. iPhone 4 vs. Thunderbolt infographic that made its way across the web, we could not resist making another. Tablets absolutely stole the spotlight at CES 2011, making it an undoubtedly perfect time to compare the latest offerings. After some debate, we settled on these three upcoming tablets: the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Dell Streak 7, and the Motorola Xoom. For some perspective with a familiar face, we threw in the Apple iPad for reference. Even though the hardware is nearly a year old, it has butchered competition selling over 7.33 million units in just Q4 of 2010 making it the best-selling tablet on the market.

The picture is quite long and in depth.  Click on it to see full image.


[via SkatterTech]

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