Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Verizon Gets iPhone 4 February 10th!!!

It's here!!!

After many years of rumors and speculations, Verizon has announced that the iPhone 4 will be released on February 10th. Existing Verizon customers can pre-order the iPhone starting February 3rd. So what will be the biggest difference between the two carriers? Well outside of the better signal reception, Verizon will offer the unlimited data plan for $30, which is something that AT&T removed from their line up. Verizon will also allow up to 5 device connections to their iPhone 4 as a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is not available (outside of jailbraking) for the AT&T version.

The one killer problem for the Verizon iPhone 4 is the CDMA network. Although it has great coverage and reception, the network can only handle one data or voice stream at a time. Which means if you are surfing the net or downloading and you receive a call, the call takes precedence and will drop the data. I'm sure the next generation LTE iPhone will correct that issue, but as of now that is a deal breaker for me. I can't not count the times that I've been on a call and had to pull up important data for the person that I was talking to.

This is still a great day for many people who have always wanted an iPhone but couldn't switch to AT&T. Just keep in mind that Apple will announce a new iPhone in June as they always do, but this time it will be for both AT&T and Verizon.

Happy day, people..... Happy day.



Mike.com said...

I'll be gettin' one right away. Tethering will probably come to ATT iPhone with 4.3. No talk & surf stinks with CDMA, but I'm around WiFi most of the time. I'll just be happy to finally get one.

Nelson said...

Once the LTE version comes out for Verizon, the talk and surf simutaniously will not be an issue. Question is is if that will be on the iPhone 5 or 6. I'm betting Apple will lean on the iPhone 6 and wait until both carriers build out their networks a little bit more.

But take it from me..... you'll love the iPhone 4.