Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WSJ Says Verizon Will Sell iPhone Early 2011

We've certainly been down this road before, but it looks more and more like it may finally come to pass. Yukari Iwatani Kane from The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is set to release a Verizon iPhone with a Qualcomm chip as well as a CDMA radio. Bloomburg reported that Apple is preparing for 3 million of the Verizon iPhones to be mass produced in December, with a possible launch of the device as early as January 2011. There's no word on if this will be a LTE, but it's said that it will be a new fifth generation edition without the iPhone 4 antenna design.

I know that this comes as good news to many, but I have to say that I'm not one of them. I'm upset simply because had I known that this was coming, I would not have sold my cellular soul to AT&T for another 2 years. I'm well aware that this is clearly MY PROBLEM, but there is something to be said about finding this information out 4 months after the launch of the iPhone 4.

Would I have waited had I know Verizon would get the iPhone as early as January.... absolutely!!!

And I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way....... I can see a angry talk between myself and Apple very soon.


Fred said...

Does this mean iPhone exclusivity will end for AT&T, or that Verizon and AT&T will carry the iPhone?

Nelson said...

Both Carriers will have the iPhone. So iPhone costomers will have a choice of which one they like.