Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dirt Bag Spammer Fined $1 Billion

I've always wanted to put a face on the D-Bag who continues to send out spam emails for everything from erectile dysfunction to penis enlargement. Who is the jerk that continues to send out all this crap all day every day?

Well now we have one!!!

Jabba The Hutt wantabe Adam Guerbuez who calls himself a online marketer is the A-hole you're looking for. This guy posted over 4 million spam messages on facebook during the spring of 2008. Guerbuez would deceptively pose as a friend to users then use software to automatically post spam to their walls. Well Guerbuez finally got his comeuppance, as Superior Court Justice Lise Fournier slapped him with a fine of a $100 per violation. Since this tool is from Montreal, the exchange rate breaks out to be $1,068,928,721.46. Guerbuez's lawyer says that the fine is excessive, but the Court Justice says that Guerbuez has made "very significant revenues" from all the advertising.

What I think is also amazing is his response to the whole thing..... Check the quote:

"If there's anything that does hit my e-mail box that I didn't ask to receive, I'll simply press the delete button, that's what it's on the keyboard for."

Really dirtbag?!!! You think it's that simple?!

Since he's been fined, Guerbuez has filed for bankruptcy and there's no word on how that will effect his obligation of payment. But I'm sure this winner will open up shop elsewhere under another name.

[[CTA via Gizmodo]

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