Thursday, October 14, 2010

Netflix Without The Embarrassing Disc For PS3

Sony finally figures out what Microsoft did over a year ago, and integrates Netflix into the Playstation 3 platform. Previously PS3 users had to use a physical disc if they wished to stream Netflix movies. While this wasn't a deal breaker by any stretch, the physical wear and tear of a required disc to stream was never a good idea. Especially when PS3's main rival Xbox 360 never needed a disc and had a software only solution that was part of its platform. This also appeals to the lazy in most people, since you no longer have to swap out a disc if you would like to stream a movie.

I personally didn't like the fact that if I scratched up the disc (with a 4 year old in the house, it's always a chance), I couldn't stream a movie until a replacement disc arrived.

The update will roll out on Monday October 18th.


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From what I remember, it wasn't that Sony's engineers were worse than M$'s. That would be a laugher, but that's another argument. It was supposedly a contract that Netflix had with X-Box. The DVD was a workaround to this agreement. That period has ended, and now Netflix no longer has an anchor on the PS3. said...

BTW, it works great. Nice interface, fast movie loading. Watching Iron Man I.