Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Google Vs Microsoft Cloud Apps

Do you ever get the feeling a supposedly neutral magazine is a tool of a corporation?

While I agree Google Office Apps have not taken over the world; it's a little early to declare Microsoft the cloud office victor with their new entry to the cloud office app Office 365. For one, the Google Office apps start out at a free price point; whereas Microsoft' Office 365 is still only in a beta form which will most definitely not start out anywhere near a free pricing point. That being said, I do agree with the article that this will be an interesting development in the growing cloud wars.


Nelson said...

While the article is clearly slanted towards Microsoft, I think they make a good point. Even though Google's cloud based office app is free, Microsoft is a trusted company with business enterprises. I think companies will trust Microsoft because they do set the standard for office apps, and Google is the new kid on the block when it comes to business apps. However, I do believe that Google could grab a good share of the small business market who likes the idea of free. And the companies who hate paying the licensing fees to Microsoft. I do believe that the real winner of this will be the consumer.

Fred said...

I agree with you. Still, I'm VERY curious what the price-point will be for Office 365 as well as what a volume pricing package for small & medium businesses. I know a few small businesses who use the Google product because it's free. I can't imagine Microsoft would come anywhere near that price-point.

Nelson said...

Microsoft won't have to... They're going to work the angle of 'who do you trust, us or them'. You know who Microsoft is and what they're about when it comes to business, but do you really know Google?

Trust me I'm not arguing for M$, but that is how they're going to approach this going forward against Google. I hope Google gets a foothold in the market and proves me wrong.

Fred said...

Wow! Us or Them? They sound like Republicans or Democrats; take your pick! LOL