Monday, September 13, 2010

New Digitized Footage Of 'Tron: Legacy' Hits The Net

Considering that I was just a kid when the first 'Tron' movie hit the big screen, I didn't think that I would have very much excitement for the new one. Let's face it.... When you wait 28 years to make a sequel, you run the risk of losing your core audience. With that being said, I have to say with every new trailer that comes out I'm slowly gaining interest in this new installment of the Tron franchise.

The Disney channel gives us a sneak peak of the new digitized footage in 'Tron: Legacy' movie due out 12/17/10.

I almost can't wait!!!


Fred said...

I need to see the original again. Can you even get that on DVD?!

Nelson said...

Don't think so.... Disney likes to lock up their movies for 20 years and release them again. You might be able to "locate" it other places though.