Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iPhone Promo Video Parody Makes Me Giggle

With all the hype that is going on with the launch of the iPhone 4, I thought this would be something that could take the edge off. If you've seen the original iPhone video promo, you will get a kick out of this.

It's got a little language, so you may want to not play it at work. Or you just might want to turn the sound down a little.

4 comments: said...

Good stuff...didja git yers?

Nelson said...


Waited in line for an hour an a half just to be told that the pre-order people will get priority and that they are out of phones after that.

That just sucked!!! said...

Why didn't you pre-order?

Nelson said...

Couldn't get through. But I went to the Apple Store later and they let me buy two since I waited this morning.

I'm loving it... And so is Susie.