Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nintendo Wants To Take Your Pulse…. And Your Money

You know, I’ve made jokes about the Wii being designed for little kids and old people for some time now, but I never thought that they would prove me right. Nintendo followed up Microsoft’s “Project Natal” announcement with…….. Nintendo Wii Vitality?

What the hell?!!!

It’s a finger sensor that attaches to the Wiimote and reads your pulse, presumably while playing a game or using WiiFit. Nintendo has not stated how exactly this will be used, but I can’t believe that THIS was their big announcement of E3! I can see the benefit to senior citizens who are trying not to have a grabber while playing bowling, but it doesn’t make sense to most gamers.

What I find amazing is that on the heels of “Project Natal”, Nintendo comes up with something that I can find on the treadmill at any health club.


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Malcolm said...

Yeah, I think they've really just stopped trying. But until the Nintendo fanboys stop buying the crap they've been shovelling out, they'll keep holding back gaming.