Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Farve Is Updated With Jets Uni For Madden ‘09

Being a Bears fan I have to say that I have absolutely no love for Brett Farve, considering how he tortured my team for the better part of 15 years. I wanted that known so as I write this post it’s not a mystery about how I feel about him. When I originally saw the new Madden ’09 cover that had Farve splashed across it, I kinda scratched my head only because usually EA goes after the “Hot” player. Not to say that Farve hasn’t had a hall of fame career, but it’s certainly on the tail end of it. So when the Brett Farve watch ’08 came to a conclusion last week, I was curious how EA was going to handle the “Farve’s a Jet” thing.

Do you recall all the games just to change the box art?

Well it looks like EA has come up with a good solution for those few who care about such things. WhoamItosay is reporting that Wal-Mart will have the new box art in stores by noon tomorrow, while Kotaku says that you can download the art and print it out yourself. So if you like, you can have your new Madden ’09 box art to look completely accurate. I myself couldn’t give a hot squirt of piss what jersey that selfish bastard has on. The only thing I hope he’s wearing this year is a 280 pound linebacker……. as a hat!!!

[Madden Jets Cover via Crunchgear]

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