Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Connection Issues With The 3G iPhone?

So now that we’ve had the 3G iPhone in our hands for over a month, all the little likes and dislikes are starting to surface. For the most part I absolutely love the phone, but some of the things that I’m hearing on the net are giving me concerns. One of the concerns is that the 3G coverage is not as advertised, and that users are experiencing poor 3G signals (or no signal at all). Some are reporting that their iPhone reverts back to Edge network consistently, due to poor 3G signal. If this is the case, Apple and AT&T have a problem. This isn’t the service that was promised with the new iPhone and if rumors of this being a chipset issue with the 3G are true, this could be a larger issue. Infineon which is the chip manufacturer may not have had the quality control that they wanted, due to the huge demand of making the chip for Apple. And if this faulty chip is causing issues with 3G network, who knows if the chip is also hurting the battery life of the phone? If this is the case, Apple might have to deal with 3 million 3G iPhone users who need their 3G chip replaced to correct the issue.

Now that will be a long wait at the “Genius” bar.


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