Thursday, June 19, 2008

Study Says Techies Are Jags

If you're a technology fan Mindset Media and Nielsen Research says that you're a douche. According to a study of 25,000 American adults who are tech savvy, scored well on traits like leadership, "dynamism" and assertiveness. But not so good on little things like modesty, and even can be perceived as arrogant and conceited.

Well, being in I.T. I take complete offense to this!!!

Just because we hold the keys to your email life does not make tech people jerks. Just because we're the ones who saves your bacon when you loose a presentation somewhere on the network, does not make us think that we're gods. Just because we're the ones who make sure that the Blackberry you just lost doesn't cost the company millions from unsecured email. Does that make us arrogant?

Uh..... Now that I think about it, I am an asshole!

Oh well, at least we make good leaders.


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Malcolm said...

Even though I'm a tech head, I still know how to let the commoners know what they need to know. I actually loved teaching classes when I was with Sears. When people would tell me that they learned more in my 3 hour class than they learned in a semester at a community college, I decided then that I could be a conduit for learning tech stuff without being obscure (still searching for the best way to convey it).