Monday, June 16, 2008

I.T. Managers Not To Crazy About The 3G iphone

With all the hype for the new 3G iphone and its new Exchange support, many I.T. managers are faced with the possibility of having to integrate them into their environment. You would think not having a Blackberry server to support like the one in my company, and only dealing with the iphone might be something that most I.T. engineers would jump at, right?

Well, not so fast.

Most I.T. managers have a few issues with the new iphone. Deploying it on a large scale isn't an problem, but the iphone has to be activated with a Mac or PC with iTunes installed. So how do you activate hundreds of iphones without having to install iTunes on every business computer? Yeah, I'm not feeling real good about that one either.

Even with push e-mail and Exchange support, it might be a hard sell to get a Fortune 500 company to buy in to that. I get the feeling that iphone support within my company will be extremly limited to some higher ups!

And a few who have access to the exchange servers ;)


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