Sunday, June 15, 2008

Castle Crashers coming soon

Saw this bit of news on Xbox360Fanboy.

Yes, we'll admit, we're a bit obsessively excited to play The Behemoth's Castle Crashers. And ever since we learned that development has wrapped we've been experiencing reserved excitement. Reserved only because our Castle Crashers wait has been full of delays, more development and more waiting which leaves us believing that there may be a chance that The Behemoth will announce that they've jumped back into development for some crazy reason, ultimately leading to a 2010 release. Scary thought, no? But we're pleased to reveal that there is absolutely no turning back with Castle Crashers' release, because we just learned that the game has been rated "T" (for teen) by the ESRB. This means we can now go from reserved excitement to full fledged, ecstatic, ADD filled excitement. We say, bring on the blood, gore, cartoon violence and crude humor! We're ready!

I'm stoked about this game too. It looks like a lot of mayhem and fun.

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