Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gaming update

Well, I'm sure a few of you know I'd been at a gaming low point for a while. After the death of my mother, I came back home and found that my apartment had been broken into, and my LCD TVs, my Xbox 360 console, and my brand new Xbox 360 Elite console were all stolen. The jerks even stole my Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 remote. That's just low to take a man's remote. After the not as lengthy as I thought it would be process of getting money from insurance, I finally went out and bought a brand new Xbox 360 Elite this weekend. Of course, there's one problem, even though I have all my achievements, I have none of my save games, so I have to start every game from scratch. So after I set up my console, what game did I pick up and play. GTA4? Mass Effect? Gears of War? Bioshock? Nope, for some strange reason, I eschewed jumping into a full game and decided to play the XBLM title, Boogie Bunnies. I know what you're saying, and I keep saying the same thing to myself, why would he play that. I have no answer except to say, it is actually kind of fun. Plus, I wasn't ready that night to commit to playing for a long time. But the good news is that I'll be back up and playing and I promise right now on this post, that I will be giving my review of games. Or at least my 2 cents. Also, I might be picking up a PS3 since I can use my insurance money from one of the consoles stolen to get one. So if you're on Xbox Live just remember PapaBear34 is back!!!!

3 comments: said...

That's low, man. Did you make any different purchases with your insurance $? Same model remote, or did you get the new Harmony One? I'd love to upgrade my 880 to that. And which LCD?

Malcolm said...

I just got the insurance check, so I'm just beginning to replace. But I lost a 37" Sharp LCD and a 19" Sharp LCD. I didn't upgrade my Harmony since I like the dedicated Xbox controls on the 360 version, makes it easy to navigate menus while viewing movies and stuff on Marketplace. I'm gonna see if I can get that Netflix plug in to work too. But the Harmony One and the 1000 are definitely nice.

Nelson said...

Dude that sucks about everything those rat bastards stole, especially your remote. I'll look for you online on Xbox Live.

I'm going to see if MGS4 got any better for Matt, and if so I'll pick that up for the PS3. It'll be good to know that you will have one also soon. After all, man can not live by one console alone.