Monday, April 23, 2007

New Texting Champion

Thought you were a fast texter with your Blackberry or side kick? Well not so much!! Electronics company LG has crowned the first ever National Texting Champion.

13-Year-old Morgan Pozgar successfully and accurately typed the message, 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocios' in under 42 seconds and didn't misspell a word while doing it. Teens from around the country competed in texting competitions for the right to show off their skills in the final championship round held in New York city yesterday.

Pozgar sends an average of 4000 texts a month (yeah, you heard that right) and by the time she had been announced as the winner of the competition, she had already texted all her friends to let them know she had won, texted them again to tell them that she had won $25,000 and then texted them again to let them know that her mood was "chipper."

Some words of advise to her parents: 'Unlimited texting plan'!!!


Anonymous said...

Man, that picture reminds me of some of the propagandist Hitler Youth movie stills.

"Here is a perfect Aryan child dominating with gadget geek prowess!!!! Hail the Furor"

Malcolm said...

I know a lot of people complained that she used a qwerty keyboard for texting when all the previous contests used the normal phone number pad for the contests. One website wrote [sic] That's like letting a sprinter use roller blades.