Friday, February 11, 2011

We'll See....

Soon IE9 (Final) will be released; and many people are interested (not necessarily excited) about what's to come. Robert Johnson is a User Interface Developer who happens to be excited even though he gave up using IE since IE7.

His article lists 5 reasons he's looking forward to developing UI's for the upcoming release. He also lists a few caveats to watch out for.

Me? I'm going to give it a whirl with somewhat low expectations. I moved away from IE back around IE5. I was a reluctant user when the first IE was distributed, but I must admit, IE 9 is probably going to be pretty good at release. My problem is, they usually fall behind the curve pretty darn fast.

If you're the technical sort, I recommend reading the comments listed below the story for some interesting feedback.

Hopefully Microsoft will decide they want a higher user market-share than simply what comes shipped with Windows Operating Systems.


Nelson said...

I've been using Firefox and Chrome for a while now. IE needs to do a few things:

1. Give me the option to save my tabs, and not only when the browser crashes!!!

2. When I close a tab, please return that portion of memory back to the OS.... Thank you.

3. Have more plug in's!!! Plug in's that make Firefox cool is something you need to get with.

Fred said...

Throughly agreed.

For that matter, on your 3rd point. I wish Chrome had an option to do proper plug-in's like Firefox.

I like Chrome for what it is; but I wish I could dress it up more.