Friday, February 11, 2011

L.A. Noire Teaches The Fundamentals With Orientation Trailer

Today, we’re pleased to provide a new L.A. Noire trailer. This is one of the first in-depth gameplay videos, directly from Rockstar Games.

“Orientation” is an overview of the game’s core mechanics from searching for clues, to the fundamentals of witness interrogation, and classic action including brawling and shootouts. Using all in-game footage, this first gameplay video in the series explains how your detective skills, intuition and cunning have the power to make or break each case.

You’ll be able to see every little detail when interrogating, right down to smirks, frowns, or other odd behavior, and then be given the choice to see if they are telling the truth, or lying.

L.A. Noire will be available May 17 on the Xbox 360.

[via 360sync]

I am getting kinda psyched about this one.

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Fred said...

Let me, once again, quote my good friend Vader, "Impressive"!