Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3D... Why'd It Have To Be 3D. Indiana Jones Franchise Going To 3D

Behind the news of George Lucas bastardization re-release of the Star Wars movies in 3D. Now comes word that Lucasfilm will announce next month that they will destroy another classic with 3D conversion. The Indiana Jones series is next in line for the 3D assault that is being crammed down our throats. Raiders of the Lost Ark will be the first to hit theaters under the conversion, with The Temple of Doom following.

If you couldn't tell, I'm not a big fan of converting classic movies such as these to a 3D format. First and foremost I feel it cheapens the film, as movie houses try their best to squeeze every dollar from iconic movies. Second..... not ALL movies should be in 3D, especially when it doesn't enhance the story in any way. Movies like Avatar are enhanced with 3D because it added depth to a world that was developed with 3D in mind from the beginning. This isn't the case with Star Wars or Indiana Jones or The Matrix or Blade Runner or any other classic that was never meant to be in 3D.

I know that many people will go see these movies, and most will enjoy them. I guess I'm just not part of the "Greedo shot first" group who don't mind movies they love being altered. If you want to clean the movies up and put it on Blu-Ray or the latest big HD thing, I'm ok with that. But changing the structure of the film just to put it back into theaters just isn't right.

(rant off)


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Fred said...

I guess my only thought; and I totally see where you're coming from, is that switching to "Greedo shot first" is a major character/story change (which is unacceptable to me) and changing the viewing format is just a gimmick.
It's hysterical to wonder if someday they will released the 1933 version of King Kong in 3D. Oooh, those claymation planes are sooo freaking real!! LOL That's for me thanks!