Monday, May 10, 2010

Where was this game in the 80’s?

Space ParanoidsIf all you know about "Tron" is the flashy trailer from this year's sequel, you owe it to yourself to Netflix the original. Despite being somewhat campy, the movie heralded a new age of computer graphics and paved the way for movies like "Avatar."

If you have seen the original, you'd know that there are a number of arcade games featured in it which don't actually exist in the real world. One of the most popular games in the "Tron" universe, created by noted game designer, Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges in both the original and the sequel), is "Space Paranoids." And while I didn't really remember what the game looked like in the film, I definitely remembered the squared-off tank-looking enemies that provide nice cannon fodder.

So when I saw that the original publisher of "Space Paranoids" in the movie, Encom, released a web-based version of the game, I couldn't help but get my nostalgia on. And you can too! For a browser-based marketing stunt, it's not half bad.

[via MTV Multiplayer Blog]

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