Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leaked Photos Of The New iPhone 4G?

Well it's iPhone season, and the rumors and fake photos have started to make their way out to the net. But it seems that Engadget has come up with some legit shots of the new 4G iPhone, and I have to say that it looks very cool. Apparently these photos came from the same source (Apple testbed) that had photos of the prototype iPad, and those turned out to be real. So it goes without saying that these photos seem to also be real and authentic.

The source also confirms that the new iPhone does have a higher resolution screen on-board, a front-facing camera, a higher resolution camera with flash, and takes MicroSIM cards. I'm a little skeptical about the MicroSim card, but I was expecting the front-facing camera and higher resolution screen and camera.

June can't get here fast enough!!!

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