Friday, March 26, 2010

Xbox Gets USB Storage Support April 6th

I'm one of the few lone wolfs out there who are still rockin the first generation 20GB Xbox 360. So this news is especially exciting to me because I have no intention of buying another 360 for a larger HDD. Don't think that I haven't been temped, as the thought of running saved games on my 360 instead of letting the system read from the CD-ROM (very loud I might add) is very appealing.

So imagine my happiness when Microsoft decided to support ANY and all USB sticks (1GB and over) starting April 6th!!!

There are limitations, as the usable partitions is capped at 16GB. So don't think you're going to throw a 1TB thumb drive on there and expect to use it all. But it will support multiple 16GB drives (two at a time) which will give you a 32GB boost. This is a major deal for some of the early adopters of the Xbox 360 like myself, and I look forward to running games directly from the drive.

Anything that makes my Xbox 360 run more quiet is a good thing.


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