Wednesday, December 2, 2009

RedEye Turns Your iPhone/iPod Touch Into Universal Remote

If I hadn't made it clear about how I feel about my Logitech Harmony 670 Universal remote let me say now........ I hate it!!!

Not for the functionality of the remote, because that part is great. But for the buttons alone on this piece of crap, which at the very least is frustrating. Sometimes the buttons register........ sometimes not. But it is enough to make me go back to using the original remote that came with my AT&T Uverse..... That aint good!!!

So with me hearing about ThinkFlood's "RedEye" Universal remote that turns your iPhone into a remote, it certainly had my attention. It's an interesting idea that gives you a multi-touch remote that uses your Wi-Fi to control your home theater. There isn't any bluetooth support as of yet, but the best part of "RedEye" is that it has the ability to update like other apps which could bring that feature soon.

That alone makes it better than any other remote on the market.

The "RedEye" goes on sale today at a pricey $188, but with some of Logitech's remotes costing as much as $400, this might not be a bad price.

If the price does come down, this could be a must have!!!

[RedEye via Gizmodo]

2 comments: said...

I had a remote ap for a palm pilot back in the day. It was ok, but I like hard buttons on my remote. I still highly recommend the Harmony 700. I saw the Harmony One for $150 at BB last week.

Malcolm said...

It is a great idea, but one major problem. The rest of the family is screwed if you are not home with your phone. So it is more a gadget for us geeks than an actual universal remote. I still use my Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 remote and I love it. Might eventually get a Harmony One, but it depends if I buy another PS3 or not.