Friday, December 4, 2009

Clearwire 4G WiMax Internet

Living in Woodridge is a great town. Except for the broadband options. You have Comcast or....Comcast. Uverse is available just the other side of 355 and it seems just on the other side of 53, but not in my little area. Sadly because it's the only provider in the area, the "12 MB service" they offer is considerably less than that. On the last day of my Comcast service I was getting 4.3 MB down and .37 MB up according to Speedtest. Pathetic.

I stopped by Best Buy one day to putz around and happened upon a small table with a sales guy from Clearwiare. I know they're also in Yorktown and Stratford. They're offering 4G WiMax internet with speeds up to 6MB/s down and 1MB up. They also can provide group plans for home phone and mobile devices. Pricing is extremely good as well, and jumping in now you get a bit of a better rate.

So I bit. The technician came out and set up my house the other night. The tech only came because their system isn't fully updated and I had coverage at my house when they said I didn't. And within 30 minutes I was setup with a home internet/voice plan.

They use a Motorola modem. It's taller and thinner than their cable modems, with lights at the top that show signal strength. After finding where to set it, I was getting 4 full bars of signal. According to speed test I was pulling the full 6 MB down and was getting .75 up. I just made a change to the account (the accidentally had me at the 3GB cap), so I'll test again at home.

It's also complete VoIP for phone. For $15 you get a Linksys VoIP phone adapter. The negative to this is that the number port takes a week, just like moving the cell. But the quality is fantastic. It's very clear, even on a night like last night where there was hail and bad clouds in the area. It's also full functionality: Phone forwarding, phone blocking, etc. is all part of it.

If you need a new option, they're worth checking out! Http:// to check them out!

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