Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PS3 Slim Is........ Slim.

Well the photos of the new PS3 Slim have surfaced and I have to say I do like the new look. I'm not sure if this will help sales any, but I know that Sony is crossing all of their fingers and toes. The new matte finish leaves less finger prints then the PS3 fat, but considering that it's not an iPhone, I'm not sure if that was ever a problem. The shape is virtually the same but the new unit is lighter, only has 2 USB ports, and no card reader. The smaller shape makes it less stable on its side, so if you want to keep it vertical, a $24 stand will be available in September.

I think the biggest improvement to the PS3 Slim is the ejection button is an actual button, instead of the "sensor". I don't know how many times I've stood there like an idiot waiting for the "sensor" to pick up my finger and eject the damn disk. That's almost worth me selling the PS3 fat that I own and picking up one of the PS3 Slims. Gizmodo did a side by side test between the two units and made a surprising discovery that the PS3 Slim disc drive is noticeably louder than the PS3 fat. That is unfortunate, because as any Xbox 360 owner will tell you, louder is not better.

Not sure why Sony felt the need to change the form factor so soon for the PS3, as it took at least 5 years before the form changed for the PS2. I think getting quality games for the PS3 would have been a better approach.

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