Friday, August 14, 2009

Looks like a deal to me!!


It seems that Activision is pulling no punches to make Guitar Hero 5 the alpha dog of music games this fall.  If you buy Guitar Hero 5 by October 1st, you can send in for a free copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen, before it is released.  Plus it looks like every major outlet that does pre-orders is offering bonuses from extra DLC, free songs, to free shipping!!  Either they aren’t expecting GH: Van Halen to do so well (Band Hero and DJ Hero are coming soon too), or they are trying to bury Rock Band.

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insanecrane said...

now that they have band hero, r they still gonna make gh games?

Malcolm said...

It looks like Band Hero is the more pop oriented game. I think they want to keep GH as the rock/metal/alternative type of game and pop/r&b and maybe even hip-hop since you can supposedly use the DJ Hero controller in BH.

insanecrane said...

u can use the dj hero controller in BH, wow. Well this is gonna be a interesting rest of a year, and next.