Thursday, July 9, 2009

D&D Online to go free

Turbine has set the launch date for Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Unlimited, in an announcement made by the company today. The game is penciled in for an August 6th, 2009 launch.

[DDO Eberron Unlimited]

In addition to the announcement, the NDA has also been lifted on the Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Unlimited beta. So with the flood gates now opened, share your information and screenshots with us on the forums!

To celebrate today's announcement has 13 new screenshots of the game. Check them out here!

For more screenshots of Dungeons & Dragons Online, take a peek at’s  full gallery.

Check out the game here.  And here’s an article about it here.



Anonymous said...

Smart move on their part; give the beta away free for a month; then when released charge $14.95 a month after a bunch of the beta people are hooked! great marketing. If game is good, word of mouth should really help this new game!

Malcolm said...

Actually the game has been around a few years. They are completely changing how its marketed. It was a $14.95 a month game. The only thing is they were losing subscribers since there are so many pay to play MMOs out there. Actually I think the micro-transaction approach is great. But I can also see how you can end up spending more than the subscription would have been. LOL