Wednesday, May 20, 2009

USB Flash Drive is more that meets the eye

transformers usb awesomeness.jpg

What do you buy for the man who has nothing? While you ponder that nugget of vast intellectuality, I'll tell you about this 2GB Transformer memory stick (which is way better than these ones). Probably the awesomest USB drive I've seen in forever, the unit transforms from a normal looking USB ding-dongle into Ravage, a fierce jungle cat Decepticon (which some believe to be a dog, WHICH HE IS NOT YOU WILL NOT RUIN MY CHILDHOOD). Available fro pre-order from the BigBadToyStore, this piece of badassery will set you back $43 and ships in September. But the question remains: shouldn't you avoid trusting a Decepticon with your porno?*

*Does Optimus Prime piss transmission fluid and wipe his ass with corrugated steel?**

**Bumblebee says so!

I soooo want one of these.

[via geelologie]

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tyler said...

lol awesomest