Friday, May 15, 2009

Mini Review – Fable II: See The Future


Strange new quests, new dog breeds and a vision of your future await you in this premium download. Murgo, trader of highly unusual and magical items, has returned to Bowerstone, and he has brought with him objects that will transport you to worlds and quests no Hero has ever faced before. Bring colour back to the world, dress up in creature costumes, compete in a new combat arena and find out what awaits you in Albion’s distant future.

Now I’ll say this right off the bat.  If you enjoyed playing Fable II, then this is a definite download.  If you put the game away before finishing, then this is probably not gonna make you pick it up again. 

I will admit that it was fun running around in Albion for a few more hours, but after a while, there just isn’t enough to do.  There isn’t a lot of challenge to the new missions, even in the new combat arena (got the highest prize and the achievement on the second try).  What this game desperately needs is more random mission generators.  The occasional bounty hunter and rescue the slaves gets old after a while and no longer is a challenge.  There needs to be a difficulty setting.  Though I will admit that running around in a costume scaring villagers is fun. 

As I said at the beginning, overall it is a good DLC pack, a little better than Knothole Island.  But don’t expect it to make you love the game if you didn’t already.

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