Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mass Effect coming to iPhone & iPod Touch?

The immersive Mass Effect universe is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch in the form of Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story. This prequel follows Jacob Taylor, a super-soldier trying to prevent galatic chaos. Read on for more info.

The game will feature an animated presentation and will utilize a  top-down point of view. If you plan on picking up Mass Effect 2, this game will also reveal some backstory of the characters featured in the upcoming game. The cost has been set a $2.99, but a release date is unclear.

Now that part of Bioware’s Mass Effect experience is portable, we can only hope it will help hold us off until the actual sequel is released. With a two hour runtime, this game should be long enough to help entertain you while waiting outside your local store and counting the seconds until Mass Effect 2 is released to the masses

Even though this is just a rumor so far, I anticipate my iPhone will be playing this very soon.

[via Kotaku]

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