Friday, April 17, 2009

Gaming with Jimmy Fallon

Yesterday we told you that G4's Morgan Webb was going to be on The Jimmy Fallon Show. True to our word, that thing actually happened. Webb and Fallon talked about games, before eventually fighting King Hippo in Punch Out!! on the Wii. You can see that after the jump.

But the real news: Ice T was also in the house, and chiming in on the conversation, he revealed his gaming habits. It seems that Ice T is a pretty big gamer, with the Xbox 360 being his system of choice. His gamertag? Lord 187X, he says. Looks like he's played a lot of games, too. Right now, he's playing Need for Speed Undercover, but has also partook in the joys of BioShock, Saints Row 2, and Gears of War 2.

But don't go trying to add him to your friends list just yet. Like many gamers, he laments the Xbox LIVE friend limit, a problem for a popular pimp like himself.

"You can only hold a hundred people," he told Fallon and Webb, "so it blows out the machine. But it's all good. It's all good."

It's not all good Ice T -- Microsoft needs to remove that friend list cap, and I think you're the guy to make it happen. But who needs to play online when you're married to a wife who will play games with you? Although it doesn't appear in his game history, Ice T said he's currently playing cooperative Resident Evil 5 with his wife, Coco.

[via Destructoid]

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