Thursday, April 16, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Coming To Blu-Ray

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or your geek cred has taken a major hit, you probably know that one of the best Sci-Fi shows of all time wrapped up a few weeks ago. BattleStar Galactica had a nice four season run, and I have to tell you that I was hooked from the first pilot. I’ve been a Sci-Fi fan for all of my life, and I have to say that there isn’t a better Sci-Fi show that I know of, and I’ve known plenty. The reboot of this series was one of the best that has ever been done, and should be the benchmark for any writers ever thinking about rebooting a former show. I can only hope that the upcoming reboot of the new Star Trek movie has half the quality that BattleStar Galactica had.

I was so excited about this show from day 1 that I had planned on buying the entire series on DVD. So after I bought season 1, I got the feeling that this whole “High Definition TV” thing was going to catch on. So I thought I would wait to purchase the series in HD. Well it looks like my wait is coming to an end, as hints of the Blu-Ray release on Battlestar Galactica. No official word from the studio but the release of the new “Caprica” series dvd has a pop-up on the main menu which says it’s coming to “DVD and Blu-ray high-def.”

Everyone who’s seen this show knows that it’s meant for HD!!!

So say we all!!!


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