Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally, Harmony remote control for PS3

3371206502_7a967d9512[1]Well, it’s about time.  Since the only viable option for this, the IRBT is about as easily available as Final Four tickets, I might have to get one of these.  Caught this on Logitech’s blog .

  • Yesterday, an Engadget reporter did some digging on an FCC Web site and uncovered our plans to manufacture an adapter that allows our Harmony remotes to control the PS3. We can’t give you all the details just yet, but we can say that this adapter will, when used with any Harmony remote, give you complete control of your movie-watching experience on PS3. It will also turn the PS3 on and off – and allow you to set up your Harmony activities to include the PS3 just as you would any other device. You also won’t need to dedicate any of your valuable USB ports to get that control

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Nelson said...

This is so cool!!! Part of the reason that I haven't picked up a universal remote is because of the PS3's bluetooth remote issue. Now I can pick up one that will control the PS3 and everything else that I have.