Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quick iPhone 3G question

Has anyone else noticed very poor 3G coverage? For instance in my house, 1-2 bars. Turn off 3G, I get 3-4. I get that more often than not inside of buildings.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Nelson said...

That happens at work for me. But I figured that the signal just sucked there. At home my 3G connection is good, but of course I use my Wi-Fi.

Matt C said...

I use my wi-fi both at home and work, which works out ok for me. But it annoys the piss out of me that AT&T's 3G coverage is either that picky or that poor, especially in area's where I'm supposed to be in the heart of 3G coverage.

Malcolm said...

I've been getting great 3g out here in Nashville. It does seem that sometimes that the 3g shows only a bar or two, but I've noticed no slowdown or have not missed or not been able to make a call because of it.