Saturday, June 28, 2008

View Netflix movies on your Xbox 360

OK, we talked about this a little bit ago and I said that I'd let everyone know how well it worked. After a little delay (mostly due to the fact that my stuff was pilfered), I have installed vmcNetflix and I can say whole-heartedly, it works great. Not only can you watch the streaming movie, you can download it to watch later without worrying about lag or bandwidth.

Here's a list of features.
* Stream WatchNow movies directly to the Media Center player.
* Download WatchNow movies to a "Watch Later" gallery.
* Support for Vista Extenders on both x86 and x64 platforms.
* Support for Netflix Instant Queue.
* Support for Episode listings.
* Search for movies by keyword.
* Browse DVD and WatchNow movies by genres.
* Sort Gallery by Title, Year, or Star Rating.
* View your queue, history, and recommendations.
* Add, remove, move movies in your queue.
* Supports DVD/Movie Parental Controls

What You'll Need
1. An Xbox 360
2. Windows Vista with Vista Media Center (it's included by default in Vista Home Premium and Ultimate)
3. A Netflix subscription
4. The freeware vmcNetflix plug-in

[LifeHacker via Joystiq]

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