Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mercedes-Benz To Be Petroleum Free By 2015

I don't know to many people who don't love Mercedes-Benz, I mean what's not to love. Their cars are beautiful, on the cutting edge of technology, and just fun to drive. With the announcement of Audi planning to produce an electric car before the end of the decade, Mercedes is not to be out done. Mercedes-Benz is working towards the goal of all of their cars being completely petroleum free by 2015. They already have an electric car in the works for a 2010 release, and are designing the "DiesOtto" engine that allows the owner to use biofuels.

I think it's awesome that Mercedes-Benz has taken the lead on freeing ourselves of the dependency on oil. Perhaps other companies will follow the example that they are doing, and stop the madness of consuming a product that continues to rise in price with no end in site. Nothing would make me feel better than to remove us from OPEC's biggest customer list.



Malcolm said...

Now, if only they were less expensive. But I guess you have to pay for quality. said...

This was reported by The Sun, as in the source for all your Brittany Spears gossip. I looked for a release from MB, but the most resent info didn't include this revolutionary claim. I just don't buy it. Too soon. But I hope I'm wrong. And for this to really screw OPEC, we must make our own electricity without oil. Nuclear power, anyone?

Timothy Pontious said...

I vote for the 4-day work week. Just cutting down everybody's drive time weekly by 20% should be enough to at least piss OPEC off for a day or two.