Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PS3 2.40 Firmware Update Details

The most anticipated firmware update for the PS3 version 2.40 will be held back. At least until E3 when Sony can announce it during their presentation in 3 weeks. This update will bring many features to the PS3 that should’ve been there from day one. Most of the features plays catch up with the Xbox 360, with in-game XMB-access and achievements finally being added to the console. Here are some of the in-game XLB features that will come with the update:

Friend category

View, send, receive messages

Manage downloads

Set the vibration feature of the controller

Sign in to PlayStation Network

Register friends

Manage Bluetooth devices

Terminate the game

Music category

Use the system BGM

Work the system BGM operation panel

Settings category

Assign controllers

View profiles

Game category

Set audio devices

Use the voice changer

Now we just need a good game to take advantage of the new features!!!

Thanks to Gizmodo for this info. [CVG via Gizmodo]

UPDATE: Here's a video of the new Trophy system

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