Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maybe not the Ultimate Remote

ESPN's Ultimate Remote separates itself from the hordes of universal remote controls on the market in two promising ways. First, it integrates 802.11g Wi-Fi for web surfing and accessing e-mail from the sofa. Second, it positively screams ESPN, and will likely appeal to hard-core sports fans. It's hard to ignore the large ESPN logo above its 2.2-inch QVGA screen, along with matching logos on either side of the fire-engine red device. The controller even has a built-in speaker that plays the TV network's theme song when you turn it on. The problem is, despite its $300 price tag, it is not particularly simple to set up or use, and it doesn't execute any of its fancy Web tricks gracefully.

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This had a lot of potential, hopefully they'll learn from the misses on this one and version 2 will be closer to the Harmony One. But it would be sports geek cred to have the ESPN theme coming out of your remote while watching the game.


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