Saturday, June 7, 2008

Leaked Photos Of The iphone 2: iChat, 3G, Red Version

Man, our friends at Crunchgear have done us a solid!!!

Coming from their reliable sources, Crunchgear has posted leaked photos of the new iphone 2 or the 3G iphone. It seems to come from Apple or AT&T promotional material and it reveals some interesting things. First, it does seem to be thinner than the first iphone and has the tapered ends similar to the Macbook Air. But the real news isn't the Exchange support that we knew about, but the front facing camera for iChat AV.

So not only is the new iphone smaller than the original, it also comes in red for the Product (Red) campaign. So now when you buy a 3G video iChat iphone, you will be helping fight AIDS too.

According the Crunchgear:

"[UPDATE] After some painstaking image manipulation, the text of the iChat blurb reads as below:

Video just became a little more fun. Start a real time video chat with other AT&T subscribers via 3G networking, or with iChat buddies via WiFi. The video calling revolution has begun.

So you can do video chat with your iChat buddies, but only via WiFi. Otherwise it’s phone to phone. Interesting.

[UPDATE] 2 See that part about about Windows XP or Vista being needed? Many people are saying it’s proof these are fake. No, we think Apple’s launching iChat for Windows, just like they did Safari. You heard us."

Of course these could all be fake, so I guess we'll have to wait until Monday to be sure. But I sure hope that they're not.

Thanks to Crunchgear for all of this good stuff.

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