Friday, May 23, 2008

Oakley Making iphone Cases: World Wonders Why?

Oakley is branching out from just making ugly ass sunglasses to ugly ass iphone cases, as this $30 dollar hunk of rubber will encase your soon to be out of date iphone. Oakley has managed to take a beautifully designed gadget and make it into a hulking slab of rubber, and charge a premium for it by calling it Unobtainium rubber.

Please stick to bilking people for over priced sunglasses and crappy ass MP3 hybrid players.

[Oakley via Crunchgear]

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Malcolm said...

Hey man, leave Oakleys alone. Not all of them are ugly. I happen to like my XMetals and my Hatchets. But I have to admit that they have made some that just made me scratch my head.