Friday, October 5, 2007

Pioneer SE-CLX9: One Headset To Rule Them All

If you're a music nut but can't seem to find the right kind of headsets for your ipod or Zune, Pioneer was thinking of you. The SE-CLX9 is made from aluminum and comes with 5 different types of in-ear combinations. You want more bass? Just change ear-buds. Want more treble? Try a different bud.

It's a little to much work for my taste, I prefer a all-in-one headset. But I could see this being big with music producers and all around music snobs. I just wish Apple would just put in a decent pair of headsets in with their products.

That would've solved my problem from day 1.

SE-CLX9, the ultimate canal type headphone from Pioneer [Akihabara News via Crunchgear]

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