Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sony Planning Price Cuts On Halo 3 Release Day

The rumor mill is churning in the Sony camp!!!

In what is clearly a huge threat to Sony, rumor has it that a price drop is coming for the new 40GB PS3 and the PS2, scheduled on the release date of Halo3. Analyst Michael Pachter is expecting Sony to make an announcement at the TGS next week, dropping the PS2 to $99 and lowering the price of the 40GB PS3. Check the quote:

"Both of these ideas have merit...[and] we cannot think of a better forum for making such an announcement, given that the event is less than a week before the launch of archrival Microsoft's Halo 3."

Desperate times call for...........
No word on if the 40GB PS3 will replace the 60GB version or if it will just be a 3rd option.


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