Saturday, September 15, 2007

A ipod Touch Shipped Without OS X

This is pretty cool... You shell out your $400 for a brand new ipod 'touch', you get it home and crack it open only to find out that Apple forgot to load the OS on the thing. I'm thinking that I would be pissed, and that's just what happened to this guy.

But something interesting popped up during the whole thing, the icons that are activated and not activated in the unit are displayed. Cheerios for the serial number, very clever Apple. But the one that is the most interesting is the Bluetooth icon that is not active. This proves that they shipped the ipod with Bluetooth capability, and perhapses can be activated with a firmware upgrade. I'm sure there's a hacker or two out there that's more than up to the task.

If I was this guy I would have this on Ebay ASAP!!!


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