Saturday, October 8, 2011

Goodbye Steve.....

I just didn't know what to say......

That was my first thought when I got the news (on my iPhone) of Steve Jobs passing. The people who know me also know how I've come to respect over recent years Steve, and all of his products that Apple produced. I'm a Senior Windows Systems Engineer, and my world was built around Microsoft. I remember countless debates over the years with other Macheads about who had the better product, or who has the larger impact to the world. I was convinced that the only people who bought Apple products were elitist jerks who thought that they were somehow better because they spent more money on a computer or MP3 player.

Until my now wife bought me an iPod.

I couldn't believe how elegant it looked, how much music it could hold, and how fast it was. It was simple, and it just worked. I was sure that this would be the only Apple product that I would succumb to, and that Apple really had nothing more to offer me than this. But Steve Jobs changed my thinking, he changed my life and how I do things, he simply changed the world. I realized that Steve Jobs drive to make our lives better was the very reason that changed my mind. It wasn't about a quick turn of profits or to push Apple's stock to its highest. It was simply to change the world and how we do things. I realized that if he built a better computer, a better phone, a better tablet, that other companies would have to play catch up and it would push technology. It would make the world better!

Now the owner of several Apple products..... I get it now.

Thank you Steve Jobs!

I will miss you....

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