Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tim Cook Is The New Sheriff In Town, As Steve Jobs Rides Off Into The Sunset

So after having a moment to digest the Steve Jobs resignation, I've come to some conclusions about the future of Apple. The first is plain and simple...... Apple is not going anywhere. Regardless of what the naysayers think, the future of Apple is very bright. Steve Jobs laid the foundation with products that have, and will continue to change the way we interact with technology. As long as new CEO Tim Cook surrounds himself with smart innovative people who share the same drive of perfection as Jobs did, there's no reason to believe the gravy train will stop.

The trick here is not to compromise.....

That is what made Jobs better than everyone else. He wasn't just happy with competing with other tech companies. He wanted to completely change the way things were done, and he was brilliant at it. No mobile phone company executive thought the masses were interested in a phone that could bring you more than calls and email. Jobs had the foresight to understand how a phone could change the way we do things in our everyday life. The iPod changed the way we listened to music, and how we looked at physical media in general. And the iPad is set to change the landscape of mobile computers.

Steve Jobs has the knack to understand what people want is to simplify their life using technology, and bringing that to them automagicly. And this is the middle ground that Tim Cook finds himself in. Tim Cook needs to figure out how to do this, all the while keeping the "Apple Experience" with any new product that is produced under his watch. Living up to Jobs ability to be half leader and half fortune teller is a daunting task for anyone to live up to. And I certainly don't envy the job ahead of him.

But one thing is certain........ If Steve Jobs picked him as his successor, then that's good enough for me.

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