Thursday, June 2, 2011

Preview Of Windows 8 Looks Hot!!!


The demo for the new Windows 8 has arrived and I have to say that it looks impressive. I knew that Microsoft was after a completely new look and feel for the next version of Windows, but I had no idea how far they would take it. The build looks similar to Windows phone 7, but on a much larger scale. It looks like Microsoft has finally gotten on board with the user experience being the most important part, and the interaction with their product. Something I think they have missed in the past, but with the kick in the pants help of Apple it looks like they have learned the error of their ways.

Think I'm ready to dump Windows 7 already.....

And I love Windows 7!!!


anotherdae said...

That's amazing. Will I finally stop buying overpriced computers?

Fred said...

Simply jaw drop amazing!

I am also looking forward to learning what other improvements they've made under the surface.

Malcolm said...

This does look hot. I think it'll be a lot better for HTPCs as well.

One thing I want to know is, who were the chuckleheads that were asking the stupid questions?