Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Madden, What Happens if There's a Strike?

A strike is looming, and the fatter cat team owners could possibly survive a two year lockout. Click here for a report.
While things might not turn out well financially for the NFL and the NFLPA come March 4th, 2011 (the day the lockout officially begins); many fans are wondering what this coming Fall will be like should America's most popular pastime is MIA?

I was thinking about all of this when suddenly, the thought occurred, "What the heck happens to the Madden video game franchise if the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement ends and a lengthy lockout occurs?"

While analysts have talked about the amount of money that might be lost in more mainstream sectors from a lockout; not any I've seen have talked about the $788 million dollars EA Sports will lose. EA already came up short of projections $391 million in 2010. (report here) In my opinion, EA will be obviously hurt, and I'd think it would have an even greater effect on the company that makes Madden franchise EA-Tiburon.

More importantly, what happens to the gamers!?!?

Will EA-Tiburon move to an edition that only highlights the classic rosters? Could they have something up their sleeves none of us can imagine? Surely they are prepared for what's looking more and more like a lockout eventuality; but it is a difficult question that I can only speculate about.

What is your speculation?

Let's start the discussion; what do YOU think?


Nelson said...

If I was EA I would just use the most up to date schedule and roster that I had and put the game out. No need to stop the gravy train just because the owners and players can't figure out how to split up billions of dollars. Besides, when they do start playing you can send an update with the latest roster changes.

It's not like the old days when you were stuck with what was available on release day.

Fred said...

True... I'm sure they will release something along the lines you are stating; I'm very interested to know what the details are however. My other thought is if it's an extended lockout; will this cause fans to flock to Madden for some sort of football outlet; or will it somehow cause the other sports video game franchises to swell with users who have rediscovered the other sports that maybe they've fallen away from.

If people still want to stay with a proper American Football game, will the college version of the game sell even better?

Everyone knows I'm a huge NFL fan, so the last thing I want to see is a lockout; but if there is no pro ball; collage is going to have to fill that void.